Macy’s Day Parade 2011

When I look through my photo files there are always those special few that I think are just about perfect for their color, composition and memories. I have to say that I’m extremely happy to have saved back a few of those favorites because I knew there would be the perfect challenge for them one day.


Irish Rooster


Greek Doors

Venice1 copy

Venice Canal


Each week provides a theme for creative inspiration. The challenge is for me to upload my photo(s) based on my interpretation of the theme and post them to my blog. If you want to see what fellow bloggers are posting for their photo challenges, just click the links below or go to

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27 Responses to “Color”

    • woven decor

      He was pretty awesome 🙂 And we were standing almost directly across the street from the Broadway theater where it was showing. I know it didn’t get stellar reviews, but we absolutely loved it.

    • woven decor

      Colline, we went to the New York Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade a few years ago. We were fortunate to book a hotel right on the parade route. This was taken right outside the lobby.

      • Colline

        I would be interested in seeing other pictures you took that day. I have heard of this parade, but never seen it.

    • woven decor

      He rocked the parade. Especially since the theater showing the Broadway production was literally across the street.


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