Master Bath Remodel Pt. 1: The New Look

I have faced a design dilemma in my master bathroom and although I’ve probably broken some sort of design rule, “I be thinkin'” it’s going to work just fine. But first I have to get to the dilemma by taking you on a bathroom tour.

Two years ago we finally worked on updating our very outdated master bath. It was circa 1980 to the extreme: Gold foil wallpaper, gold fixtures, peach carpet (yep, carpet in the bathroom), huge soaker tub that was unbelievably uncomfortable because of how far it leaned back. In fact, several years ago we ordered a custom soaker tub to replace the old one and it sat in our shop for three years so we were excited to finally get it installed.


The door in the picture below is a sauna that went unused for years and became a “catch-all” of junk.

183903_1794804422971_1813110_nThe shower was a tiny little cave. I can’t count the times I cracked my elbows on the clunky shower knobs. The brown box on the shower wall was an intercom / music system that was wired throughout the house and quit working about two years after we moved in. We are slowly but surely removing them from every room. The stool was short to the ground. In fact, to quote a friend’s little girl during a visit to our home, “Mommy, their potty fits me.”

189883_1794804302968_1551179_nLike any project, the first thing necessary was a master plan. I did hours of internet searching and came up with fixtures and ideas I liked then sent them off to my construction guru, aka brother Rick, where a construction plan was drafted, including a shower expansion with a bench seat by extending the shower into part of the sauna. To simplify the project, all plumbing was kept in its original location.

195848_1799389017583_4152012_nThe look had a very contemporary, clean feel to it with satin nickel fixtures, wood plank ceramic floor tile, quartz countertops, vessel sinks and modern, halogen light fixtures. I painted the walls a soft, warm lavender color to compliment the gradient tile stripes. Although the “after” pictures aren’t showing a completed bathroom (it is at the 85% finished mark – has been now for two years……ummmm……Rick…….), it was a completely transformed, lovely space.

Contemporary Bathroom design by Remington Construction Services

429245_2963493199460_602005492_nInstalling the glass side panels on the shower helped create a more open and airy feel. The countertop cabinets still need their side and top panels installed. Each cabinet has an outlet inside of it to hide electric razors and toothbrushes.

426516_2963559681122_139738765_nBut now there is a new problem that I’ve had to deal with in this beautiful bathroom. And while its been an annoying one, I’ve made some changes to rectify this dilemma. Stay tuned, friends ….


4 Responses to “Master Bath Remodel Pt. 1: The New Look”

  1. Kris Darlington

    I so loved the pictures of what it did look like, I think it was a great improvement ,I think looks really show some of your personality. Just keep doing it your way.


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