Kitchen Transformation Pt. 1: The Process

It’s been a while since I’ve done any posts on our ranch remodel project so off we go to the kitchen.

Let me begin by telling you what I’ve learned through the process of my first giant remodel project: Design is absolutely subjective. What one person loves the next person hates. I recently found this out concerning my own house. Not long ago my author/photographer friend who writes for did a photo “tour” of my home on the web site. I was honestly surprised at the amount of negative comments concerning my design style, and my post, Jumping Into Kindness, was in response to the whole experience. While my first reaction was hurt and disappointment along with questioning my own ability as a decorator, it didn’t get me down for long. Everyone has their own style and aesthetic and mine is definable in one word; Home. A comfortable, fun, random and eclectic, put your feet up on the coffee table, muss the throw pillows or even toss them onto the floor, sit down and have a cup of coffee with me kind of atmosphere. I believe in this concept strongly or I wouldn’t have the guts to crawl over the top of the negative remarks and keep going. I have no intentions of sounding defensive, it’s more about sharing my journey on this whole project.

Ok, back to the purpose of the post: Here are a few before shots of the kitchen.

The sink and dishwasher were one the inside wall joining the dining room. Counter space was very minimal.

While there was a big beautiful window, it didn’t allow for adequate cabinetry. Attic access was through the kitchen ceiling.

All the appliances needed replaced along with the fluorescent light and vinyl flooring.

We talked with our architect about our wants and needs. We love open space, so the first request was to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

It was so much better just getting the wall down and creating the open feel we wanted.

Then we had some serious conversation with our construction guru (aka my brother – taking the photo in the above picture) who was in charge of the kitchen cabinetry and layout. His first recommendation was to take the ceiling out and open things up vertically as well. Since we were already doing this in the living room it made perfect sense.

We tried to figure out a way to leave the rock exposed but while it looks kind of neat in the photo, it was really crumbly and well, not so neat up close and personal.

To tie the kitchen and the living room together, new support beams, cross beams and decking had to be installed. The ceiling was all reclaimed lumber keeping with the time-worn character already found throughout the house.

One of the great things about this whole ranch project was that due to it being a complete gut and remodel, it was a clean slate to get to do what I wanted and my brain was in overdrive. So while the construction was in process, I was busy making choices on colors, fixtures, appliances, hard surfaces, everything necessary to create the traditional kitchen I envisioned.

Come back soon for Kitchen Transformation part 2 and see not only the  choices I made but the why behind those choices.

Becky Pickrel

7 Responses to “Kitchen Transformation Pt. 1: The Process”

  1. Judy

    Becky….you have such an excellent feeling for style and design. I’ve seen it here on the blog! You could design anything for me any day! I think when people are online, they hide behind their “usernames” and act like they are the experts of everything when, in fact, they are far from it. Keep the positive comments in mind! They are the sunshine that keeps you smiling!
    I feel the same as you…’s not a “house”, it’s a “Home”. I love what you are doing to the kitchen, and I can’t wait for Part 2! I’ve been on vacation, so I’m late getting to your post! As one who has lived through a few renovations myself, I’ll be thinking of you! 😉

  2. Penny Goodman

    I cant believe you got negative feedback on your project with the ranch. Some people are so short sighted….
    ‘Someone’ painted the kitchen before you bought the place. All the years I went there, the cupboards were dark wood so the white looks so foreign to me.
    I love what you’ve done to open it up and modernize it without losing the feel of the area. It’s so cozy and inviting. Charming doesnt even begin to describe how truly inviting it is.

    Anxiously awaiting part 2 as well.

    • woven decor

      Huh, who knew? Glad you did 🙂 People can be a little narrow minded and short sighted. Sad for them most of all.

  3. Angeline M

    Looking forward to part 2. And I’m glad you were able to jump over the negative and keep right on going. Home should be how we decorate it for ourselves, to be comfortable; our home should be our haven.

    • woven decor

      Thanks Angeline. Thus is life 🙂 But, I also know I have much to learn in this business. At the same time you are right: this is my home, my haven so I appreciate your feedback.


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