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These are rather poignant photos for me as they are more of a goodbye. Stella is one of our three mastiffs and she’s a beautifully weird old girl who came to us nearly three years ago when her former owners were unable to keep he and it didn’t take her long to wiggle herself deeply into our hearts. Due to some serious health problems we have made the very hard choice that eventually every pet owner has to face. So for Stella’s last few days with us, we are giving her all the love, pets and extra treats our old girl deserves.

While it is very sad, we are confident that Miss Stella has lived her final years to the fullest degree: Big sister to the other two mastiffs, song singer extraordinaire, spinner of endless circles, happy drooler, chaser of birds and moles, traveler pro, giver of all the love her 160 pound body can hold. The list is pretty endless.

My big girl’s paw in my hand.

I know there are no hands in the photo, but I wanted you to see Miss Stella Bella.

I’ve used the cover photo on the home page in another photo challenge (indulge), but it’s such a tender picture of my husband and Stella I couldn’t resist.

Becky Pickrel

Each week WordPress.com provides a theme for creative inspiration. The challenge is for me to upload my photos based on my interpretation of the theme and post them to my blog. If you want to see what fellow bloggers are posting for their photo challenges, just click the links below or go to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/weekly-photo-challenge-hands/.

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50 Responses to “Hands”

  1. Lola Jane

    Beautiful — what a sweet face Ms. Stella Bella…I love big dogs and still miss my little Newfoundland, Sara, who was also a “happy drooler” and had nicknames like Saboh, Lilypad, Sasafrass. We are fortunate to share our lives with these creatures, who give so much love to us too…

    • woven decor

      Thanks. When we first started talking a giant breed I had considered a Newfie but we didn’t live near water and I was worried that I’d have to keep it shaved all summer due to the heat. They seem like an absolutely wonderful dog.

  2. Madelaine

    There should be a ‘LOVE’ button. Stella knows what you’ve done for her, bless you.

  3. Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands | Blog Kemaren Siang

    […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Hands (woven-decor.com) Spread the words:MoreLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Kolam foto and tagged Amateur Photograph, DailyPost, Photograph, postaday, weekly photo challenge. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  4. mtlawleyshire

    the touch of a hound’s paw in the hand is a wonderful thing. It’s a beautiful entry into this week’s challenge.

  5. Judy

    what a beautiful sweetheart Stella is. I can tell just by the photos how in love she is with you and your family. She looks relaxed and content. You’ve given her three wonderful years. It’s such a difficult time, I understand…. our beloved pets truly become family members.
    Your photos are lovely, tender and touching. I will keep your family and Stella Bella in my thoughts.

  6. Hannah Rose Beltz

    She was blessed to spend ALL of her years being loved and very well cared for! Her former family was also blessed that you were able to rescue THEM from a situation that could have been extremely painful. I am endlessly grateful to you and Clint! We have loved that big old girl with all of her goofy quirks from the minute we met her and I will grieve her loss along with you, though not to the extent that you and Clint will since so much time has passed since she has been ours. I am trying to teach our 4 month old pup to wave like Stella…he isn’t quite as quick to pick things up as she was. He doesn’t add quite as much to the K9 choir as she did, either, but he doesn’t seem to mind the neighbor dogs (or kids) being in our yard which should be easier on our relationships with our neighbors. It sure was a tough decision to give her up. She was a big part of our family and I am so glad she was able to become a big part of yours. I love the pictures you have of her. She sure is a beautiful old girl, lazy eye, lumps and all. I am thinking of you during this tough time, Becky. Give Miss Stella Bella one more hug and kiss from us… Goodbye sweet old girl.

    • woven decor

      Hannah, Stella’s personality was developed because you loved her dearly and we are grateful for how well she was cared for. Obviously, sometimes things happen and we can’t keep our pets, so sadly your loss was our gain. She is probably one of the silliest, quirkiest girls we have ever been around which was her charm. You can be assured that even though she was unable to stay with you, we knew you loved her and will share in our loss ❤

  7. tacts

    Such a lovely looking dog. Beautiful.

    P.S. I am glad I am not the only one who did paws 😉

  8. tita buds

    I’m just glad that you found her in the first place and allowed her to run around and be a happy dog. Sweet grand lady…

  9. SJPONeill

    So sad…we have a rescue Rottweiler, Lulu, who is also an emotional wiggler; hope it will be a long time before we get to this point but lots of hugs to you at this tough time…

    • woven decor

      I think rescues are the way to go if you have the time and energy. The older ones still have so much love in them. HOpe Lulu is around a long time for you 🙂


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