WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Wow, has a week really flown by? Seems like just yesterday I was gathering photos for the Two Subjects challenge.

This particular Wyoming storm cell was both terrifying yet beautiful. I took the pictures from my back porch one afternoon a few summers ago.

The homepage sunrise image was taken from our cabin in the mountains.

May your day be blessed,

Becky Pickrel

Each week provides a theme for creative inspiration. The challenge is for me to upload my photos based on my interpretation of the theme and post them to my blog. If you want to see what some fellow bloggers are posting for their photo challenges, just click the links below.

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90 Responses to “Sun”

    • woven decor

      Amar, it is. I took it several years ago and had just gotten photoshop on my computer so I did brighten the sun and you can see a funny line towards the horizon where I took something out of the picture, but the formation was just a nasty afternoon summer storm.

  1. carolynjoy

    Such a dramatic shot – perfect for the challenge. I don’t know how to do a pingback, but thanks for linking to me.

    • woven decor

      I have a little problem sometimes with the pingbacks too so I just go to the main wordpress photo challenge page and copy and paste all their links at the bottom. Thanks for the comment.

  2. jfb57

    Wow! I think this is the best entry I’ve seen this week! Looks like nature has set off it’s own A bomb!

    • woven decor

      I took the picture probably six or seven years ago and I had just started playing with photoshop (you can see the weird line down at the horizon where I was trying to fix something on the photo, so I’m sure I also brightened it a played around with it some. I do remember being both in awe and incredibly creeped out 🙂

      • Stephen Kelly Creative

        there ya go!!! the main thing i remember about visiting devil’s tower was that the camp area had an outdoor theater that showed close encounters three times a night. it was strange lying in the tent and hearing those big booming notes coming out of the speakers

        • woven decor

          It’s changed a bit through the years. KOA is still there but they don’t show the movie (at least I don’t think they do???).


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