Home Accessories: My Top Five

Accessories are an important element in any home because they are a unique expression of the things we love.

When I’m choosing an accessory for a space there are a few things I take into consideration:

  • Does it bring in my own personality? For me that would be something a little random or silly.
  • Does it add a bit of sentimentality? My grandma’s mantel clock looks beautiful on the shelf.
  • Does it add visual interest? Sometimes a room can feel a bit flat without the right accessories.
  • Does it finish off the area? Accent pillows are a bit like putting on the earrings and lipstick.
  • Does it serve a function? Lamps not only accent a space decoratively but provide a necessity – lighting.

I tend to google a lot of things when I’m putting together a post so I typed in TOP FIVE HOME ACCESSORIES, mainly out of curiosity. These are not my top five, I just found them an interesting suggested group.

source http://www.homesearchbarcelona.com/en/barcelona-real-estate-blog/top-5-home-accents-for-a-unique-home-decor-style

1. Indoor Fountains: The calm movement of the water is a great way to get people to relax too. You want to place this type of item in an area where it can become a great focal point. You will find tons of different designs offered so it is going to be easy to find something to match with a given type of decor.

2. Decorative Chess Sets: With decorative chess sets you will have something that is classy and elegant. This will be a type of home accent that never goes out of style. Take your time to really think about the best place to display it. You want this to be something that coordinates well with other elements in the same room.

3. Glass Art: With glass art you can contribute to making your home unique. The types of designs and the size of the pieces are varied. You can find one of a kind products out there too so that they can’t be duplicated anywhere else. You will find that glass art can be very colorful. Vibrant color of a glass vase adds a special flare to contemporary home decor theme. This is a great method of being able to add some bold coloration to a room in your home.

4. Decorative Book Ends: Regardless of if you only have a few books on display or several in a given room, you want to jazz that area up. The use of decorative book ends is a remarkable way to add some finesse to that area of your home. Instead of being basic and rather boring it will be appealing and interesting.

5. Animal Art: Another timeless element you can bring into your home for unique style is to use animal art. There are various forms of it out there. You can choose from paintings, sculptures, and much more. There are all types of animals found as well so the choices are unlimited.

Ok, so I continued the googling and came across another set of TOP FIVE :

source http://activerain.com/blogsview/1315900/top-5-picks-for-versatile-decorating-accents-get-the-most-bang-for-your-buck

1. Colorful pitchers: Not only do they look fabulous, they can be used in so many ways. Place them on a shelf to add color to a dull space; use them as a vase to display flowers; serve drinks at a party or family gathering. For multi-purpose use and great style, nothing can beat a set of colorful pitchers!

2. Decorative candle holders: Candlesticks and candle holders are a great way to add elegance to any space, from the middle of your dining room table to end tables to mantels, shelves, and dressers. 

3. Trays: Another favorite decorating item is the humble tray. Often overlooked as potentially boring, trays are available in a broad selection of appealing looks from metal scrollwork to woven bamboo to carved wood.  Trays can also be used in any number of practical ways, from serving drinks to acting as an impromptu lap table to serving as a door-side catchall for small items like phones and keys.

4. Ottomans: Use an ottoman as a coffee table in a pinch or put it into service as an extra seat at a crowded party. Many ottomans even include a hidden storage compartment, making them that much more versatile. 

5. Planters: Of course, planters are great for house plants, but did you realize they can also be more? Use a clean planter to store extra throw pillows and afghans in the living room. Repurpose a planter as a drink cooler for a party. Make use of a small planter to store magazines or even mail. 

I am surprised how many articles and blog posts there are in cyber-world concerning TOP FIVE HOME ACCESSORIES but since this is MY blog, here’s MY TOP FIVE:

source just me and my opinion :)

1. Throw Pillows: This is probably one of my favorite ways to accessorize: Adding or changing throw pillows is a simple way to spice up a bland couch or easy chair, reflect changing seasons and holidays or just adding a bit of color and pattern to a neutral space. And depending on what style, fabric or place of purchase, there is a price range for everyone making this a good choice for accessorizing (this is once accessory that tends to drive my hubby a bit crazy as I  tend to put them everywhere).

2. Candles: This is an accessory that is not only beautiful, but functional. Who doesn’t love the glow of  a candle for a romantic evening or when the power just happens to go out. Group several different sized candles together on a small tray in the middle of a table. Try putting tea lights in clear glass holders on a window sill or place scented unlit candles in areas around the home just to make things smell wonderful. Obviously the caution is never leave a candle burning when you leave the room or accessible to small children.

3. Books: I love how books and magazines create a sense of comfort. I’m not talking cheap, dog-eared paperbacks or stacks of catalogs from the mail, rather, time-loved books. While vintage and antique leather-bound books are beautiful on a shelf or mantel, there’s also something to be said for the childhood collection of Hardy Boys adventures or all the Clive Cussler novels. Whatever your favorites are, use them to accessorize your space. When it comes to magazines, I am a fan of Food & Wine magazine and Architectural Digest and have stacks of past issues lying around in tidy piles. Oh, and don’t forget a coffee table book. Discount bookstores often have great closeout deals on these beautiful picture books. 

4. Art: This accessory is such a personal preference. Our home is full of mismatched, one-of-a-kind “treasures,” things that are unique to us. I love paintings but I’m not educated in art so I pick what I find intriguing or pretty, not because of a name at the bottom. We brought back a sculpture from Jerusalem that sits proudly in my husband’s office. I have a hand-painted ostrich egg. The list goes on and on. If the object creates joy and beauty for me, it is art.

5. Lighting: While this seems like more of a necessity, lighting can be a wonderful accessory. Small accent lamps can create coziness in a space. Like throw pillows, the price range is extensive so it’s an affordable way to change up a room. I found a set of porcelain lamps with shades at Hobby Lobby for $99. After adding some fringe to the bottom, they are the perfect addition to the sofa table. Don’t overlook night lights which bring just a hint of comfort and warmth to a room at night while also adding a safety factor.

Do you have a TOP FIVE? I’d love to hear about them.

Becky Pickrel

10 Responses to “Home Accessories: My Top Five”

  1. babyjill7...Marilyn Griffin

    My 5 would have to be:
    1. Color…
    2. Accent pieces… usually from a thrift store…because I love the hunt…
    3. Pictures that reflect a feeling I love…
    4. Arrangement … I like putting things in odd places…an unexpected treasure to catch someone’s attention…
    5. Something I will like for a while…

    I too like the warmth candles and special lights give…
    Also a nice fragrance when I walk in …and invites others as well…
    I like to make a “house” a “home’ …
    Thanks for letting me share…I love decorating on a budget…Makes it so much more awesome putting a little of this and a little of that together…until …one day you say, “It’s finished!” ~mkg


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