Amazing Chairs

If I had a million nooks and crannies I’d fill them with chairs. Chairs invite delightful conversation with friends over a great cup of coffee. They call for a moment of quiet and solitude while listening to the rain or beautiful music. Chairs beckon for a blanket, a book and a lazy afternoon. They are functional, stylish, artistic, colorful, comfortable, random, crazy, contemporary, eclectic, traditional, homey, personal (and the adjectives could go on and on forever….): My summation in one word, DESIRABLE.
Sunflower Zebra Chair traditional chairs

One Of A Kind Benazir Sari Armchair eclectic armchairs

V.I.P. Chair, Moooi V.I.P. Chair modern armchairs

Angel Chair eclectic armchairs

Cherner Side Chair modern dining chairs and benches

Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom Lounge Chair contemporary armchairs
*This one reminds me of the giant flower in Little Shop Of Horrors. “Feed me Seymour, it’s supper time.”

Wishbone Chair modern dining chairs and benches

Wiggle Side Chair by Vitra modern chairs

Versailles Domed Chair traditional armchairs

Flux Chair modern outdoor chairs

Egg Swing Chair contemporary outdoor chairs

Oskar Lounge Chair modern chairs

Tropical Flock Chair  eclectic dining chairs and benches
Becky Pickrel

10 Responses to “Amazing Chairs”

    • woven decor

      The green chair came in a sweet yellow too but it’s kind of crazy. It would be really interesting to see it in an actual room setting.

    • woven decor

      Thanks Angeline. I’m having a great time with it, and just so you know, that second chair was my favorite too 🙂


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