Living Room Spring Ready

A few weeks ago I did a post on mantel composition but felt a wee bit foolish since my own mantel was boring and uninspiring. The only thing I had done with my mantel since Christmas was to remove the lights and garland. In fact, the only picture I even had of the mantel was the Christmas picture I used in the composition post, but for reference, here it is again:

Since that post, I decided it was a time to get off my behind and do something about my very long, very uninspiring mantel. I had some beautiful things here at the ranch to use; green glass ball, teal vases, plants, antique silver pheasants and books, but there was still a lack of spring color, so I picked up a few things at a local store just to fill in the gaps.

One of the things I will admit is that although I used some of the basic mantel composition theory, I still made it more personal than technical: Rearranging, shuffling, adding and taking away until it just looked right to me.

My living room is very dark simply because it’s four walls of paneling, exposed wood and beam ceiling, rock fireplace and hardwood floors. So while springy-ing (it’s a word….) up the mantel which turned out quite lovely, I decided the whole living room needed some fresh spring touches as well. Again, this is a Christmas picture, but I’ve put it up so you can see how it’s been accented even after Christmas (ie red pillows, red lamps, red throw blanket).

While the colors work, the room felt “heavy,” not bright and fresh for spring, so I removed the red pillows and added in some beautiful iridescent green, yellow brocade and embroidered pillows.

I wanted to keep going with the spring theme so I put the red lamps away until next fall and found the beautiful white lamps for 50% off. I added the fringe to the bottom of the shades to keep the look soft. And of course every living room needs a vase full of lemons and limes behind the sofa (why not, right)?

A few green candles in the wall sconces look pretty and smell great even unlit.

By adding a lace panel between the curtains, the view isn’t blocked but the sunlight is nicely diffused.

The overall effect is a comfortable, homey atmosphere that doesn’t feel overly dark, but fresh and ready for spring.

Becky Pickrel

8 Responses to “Living Room Spring Ready”

  1. tita buds

    What a difference a few changes in accessories make! The new look is definitely fresh, light, and Spring-y. And everything goes well with the wood paneling. These are very useful pointers, Becky, thanks! 🙂

  2. Madhu

    Love the fresh new look! The white lamps and the new cushions really bring the theme alive!

    • woven decor

      It just feels so much brighter. My bigger problem is getting bored easily, but at least now it mighty include just adding some fresh flowers somewhere and maybe a new candle 🙂

  3. Susan Eddy

    Becky, you have a beautiful home. I like the changes you did on the mantel. And when the curtains are open you do have a lighter cozy room. So you have inspired me to get out the spring stuff for my living room. 🙂


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