WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I had no problem finding pictures that fit the qualifications for the WordPress weekly photo challenge, THROUGH. The bigger challenge was paring back and choosing my favorites. I decided to take a literal and a figurative approach to this challenge with my two photos.

We took a mediterranean cruise a few years ago and had the chance to tour Pompeii: What an incredible place from history. This picture ended up being my favorite for this challenge because I liked the composition.

I always seem to have song lyrics pop into my head and when I read the challenge, I started humming Through The Eyes Of Love from the old movie, Ice Castles. This is my “granddog” Poncho, and I couldn’t help but think he was looking at me through the eyes of love Β πŸ™‚

Β The image on the home page was taken in Italy also.

Becky Pickrel

*Each week provides a theme for creative inspiration. The challenge is for me to upload my Β photos based on my interpretation of the theme and post them to my blog. If you want to see what some fellow bloggers are posting for their photo challenges, just click the links below.

24 Responses to “Through”

  1. katehobbs

    I agree that the Meditteranean architecture is amazing, and the locals seem to be very proud of their homes, displaying many beautiful colours and flowers outside, or on their roofs. So I love the photo on your home page.
    I must confess, those eyes have it though!
    Thanks for the pingback BTW. I really appreciate it.


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