Green Of Spring

Although our winter has been an unseasonably warm one, I am happy that spring is officially here, if in title only (I am looking out the hotel window in Montana, watching it snow).

I have two specific things I watch and listen for before I’ll emotionally commit to it being spring in Wyoming: green grass poking up through the brown, winter-dead ground and the song of the Meadowlark which is our state bird (if you don’t know what a pretty song the Meadowlark sings, click  this link

In color theory, green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

One thing I do not have is color phobia. I love color in a space and since green is one of my favorite colors, I’ve used it a lot: one of my bathrooms is dark apple green, my husband’s office is deep hunter green and my ranch kitchen is a light grassy green.

Kitchen traditional kitchen
Kitchen traditional kitchen

I went to one of my favorite web sites, and pulled out some great pictures of rooms with green as the dominant color.

Art Deco - Miami style! contemporary bedroom
Condo unit interior renovation contemporary kitchen
ann sacks tile bathroom - Velvet & Linen tropical bathroom
Bold dramatic statements eclectic family room
new project contemporary laundry room

If green isn’t necessarily your favorite color but you like how it adds freshness to a space, use small amounts in accents. Also, think outside the box: Green is beautiful against almost any background color.

Julianne Kelly eclectic living room

This room has multiple personalities. It seems very formal with the taupe wallpaper and elegant furnishings, yet has a whimsical feel as well (for instance, the crazy oversized purple lamp in the corner). The grass-green vases on the mantel and the fresh floral cuttings on the coffee table add another color element keeping this room elegant, fun and  approachable.

|| C O B U R N - A R C H I T E C T U R E || traditional bedroom

Though the color palette in this room is soft, the well-placed green accents add one more visually interesting layer to this eclectic space.

Crisp Architects traditional bedroom

It was a wise choice to stay away from pastel green accents in this baby blue room. The apple green color has a depth that really stands out nicely and compliments the blue walls and crisp white linens beautifully.

Kids Tennis Theme contemporary kids

Browns are the perfect backdrop for lime green accents and by adding in the pops of color it keeps this room from being too dark and heavy.

Pacific Heights eclectic living room

I love how the green velvet Victorian chairs stand out so boldly in this yellow and white room. They truly make a statement in this beautiful, eclectic room.

Colonial Revival traditional living room

Neutral walls and furnishings are a great way to showcase an accent color. By painting the interior of the bookcase and adding similar colored throw pillows, the green is grounded but not overpowering.

Green For Kitchen
Green For Living Room

12 Responses to “Green Of Spring”

  1. Sunshine

    Wow! Enough said. I will have to rethink my thoughts about the color green. Very beautiful post. Thanks!

  2. rutheh

    I am going to share your post with my interior designer friend as I know she will enjoy it a lot. Love that Spring bud photo.

  3. Angeline M

    I love your kitchen. And thanks for the website, houzz, I’ll definitely be checking that out. I really loved this post.

    • woven decor

      Thank you. I’m enjoying the kitchen. One of these days I’ll do a post just on it, Pretty amazing when you compare the before and after. Houzz is the absolute best site for just ideas. Beautiful spaces, even a link to professionals and products. Enjoy 🙂


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