Love Of Words

For me, words do two things: They communicate information and create emotion, good or bad and everywhere in between. Words are important to me and I tend to use a lot of them when I communicate, both verbally or through writing. Although I am not a logophile (word lover or word buff), and I tend to humorously get words confused much to the delight and amusement of my husband, I like words. In fact, the only times I got in trouble at school was for talking when I wasn’t supposed to.

I have words on my office wall to inspire me.

I have words on my ankle and my back of  personal significance.

This Scripture passage is one of my life verses and the words of promise are embedded deep into my heart.

Sometimes it’s just one word that paints a wonderful picture.

I will hear or read something or have a random word pop into my head and there it will stay for a while. I’ll find myself chewing on it, trying to extract as much from it as possible. It hovers right in front of me then it moves to the peripheral, eventually it’s just dancing in the background until one day it has been filed away in that matter between my ears, though still available when needed. It won’t be long until I read something, hear a conversation or just wake up with another random word to take its place.

Certain words can strike fear in the hearts of the bravest of souls: war, poverty, earthquakes, cancer, death. It is an endless list. But then again, words are just that; words. They do not define the character and strength of a man. Those qualities come from the heart, not the head. A friend of ours, Terence Luttrell, was diagnosed in July 2009 with advanced stage IV prostate cancer at the age of 46. His prognosis was inoperable and incurable and he was given 18 months to live. I can only imagine what a difficult, nearly three-year battle it has been for this precious family. And while they fight against the ugly words of cancer, chemo, incurable, inoperable, words that could cause faith to waver in many, it is strength-building words like grace, mercy, peace in the journey that give them courage and hope through their steadfast faith in Christ.


The other day Sherry, Terrance’s wife, posted this on Facebook and I’ve been chewing on and mulling over these beautiful words of comfort since I read them.  (Sherry gave me permission to tell their story. Here is the link to their blog:

“In the wee hours of the morning, Terence and I found ourselves having a small discussion. I accidentally woke him because I kept trying to scoot my feet around until I could touch his feet. Terence: “Why are you so restless?” Sherry: “I’m worried, and praying over you. Sometimes I feel scared that you’re leaving me”. Terence (eyes closed, speaking between exhales): “My Bride……don’t worry…….I’m in a good place……I’m in my Father’s hands… better place….(exhale and snore)”. To that, I finally fell asleep at 4:20 AM”

I’m really not sure why I felt compelled to write this post as it’s not about decorating. But just maybe someone who loves to read words might read mine and find words of encouragement being whispered to their heart.

Becky Pickrel

13 Responses to “Love Of Words”

    • woven decor

      Awww, thanks for going through some of the oldies and reading them. It was a special post. The couple I mentioned are still fighting the battle although he’s really about a step away from Heaven’s door.

    • woven decor

      Sherry and Terrance have had a few rough weeks but I’ve not seen faith like theirs in a long time. Truly inspiring.

  1. tita buds

    Hope is one uplifting word and it is something that we can not hold on to enough and not give out enough. Thanks for sharing Terence and Sherry’s story. 🙂
    (Btw, that Van Gogh quote on your wall is ‘sitting’ on my desk right now.)

    • woven decor

      That quote was a great lesson for me a few years ago when I was working on a painting and got so frustrated I literally said those words, “I’m not a painter.” A few days later I picked up a book and the quote was staring me in the face. It was just what I needed and I find myself applying the whole concept to other areas of my life as well.

      Terrance and Sherry are two of the most incredible people I know. Regardless of the outcome, they have such faith and hope.

      Thanks for following me 🙂

  2. Maggie L R

    I too love words… I have my favorites. My most favorite words are in the Bible… words of hope, words of comfort, words of love.
    I am encouraged by Terrence’s story. thank you for posting.

    • woven decor

      No greater place to find words of hope than directly from God’s heart through His Word. Thank you for commenting on the post 🙂


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