WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s *Wordpress photo challenge is CONTRAST.

I’ve tended to portray the last several photo challenges with more of a figurative bent, but this picture definitely speaks literally to the word contrast. I took this photo one morning years ago while on a trip to Norway and have always loved how the foggy background blended almost seamlessly right into the waters of the fjord but made such a beautifully defined contrast against the shoreline.

Becky Pickrel

*In case you are wondering what the WordPress photo challenge is, each week WordPress provides a theme for creative inspiration. The challenge is for me to take (or use my existing) photos based on my interpretation of the theme and post them to my blog.

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35 Responses to “Contrast”

  1. Jude

    An absolutely wonderful lake-shore – so misty and peaceful. I would love to visit Norway.
    Many thanks too for visiting my blog and giving me some ‘Likes’!

  2. amberrosalie

    This is utterly amazing! Such perfect timing, I love the look of the fog encroaching on the land. 🙂
    An excellent photo for this weeks challenge!

    Amber. xx


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