Tiny Vanities

In the early 1990s we took a trip to Asia. In one particular place of lodging we had the tiniest full bath I had ever seen or used; If I stuck my elbows out, one could rest on the edge of the sink and the other could touch the door. My feet were in the shower. The whole room was grounded so there were no electrical issues even though it was a little creepy having outlets and lights exposed to shower spray.

In our ranch house, there were originally two tiny Jack and Jill bathrooms connecting the bedrooms on either side of the hall. While we changed one bathroom and made it hall accessible only, we kept the other bathroom as a Jack and Jill.

Because the space in the bathroom is so small, the old pedestal sink actually overlapped the window, and while the window is nice and large, I didn’t want the sink in the way even a little bit. It would just look weird to me. My creative construction guru, aka brother, aka Rick with Remington Construction, came up with a great custom hanging vanity that follows the contour of the sink, doesn’t jut into the window space and also showcases the little cobalt sink perfectly. Love love love it.

Wall mounted vanity traditional bathroom
Here are a few photos of some very cool, tiny vanities (photos from houzz.com). Being musical, songs and lyrics will pop into my head, even if it’s just a word reference from something I’m thinking about. I now have Elton John’s TINY DANCER stuck in my head, but considering the graceful and petite lines of some of these vanities, maybe its an appropriate tune.
Jamie Herzlinger modern powder room
House of Light: Chevy Chase, Maryland Home inspired by Hugh Newell Jacobsen modern bathroom
Bergen Street Residence contemporary bathroom
A growing family traditional powder room
Baldwin residence contemporary bathroom
Striking a Balance-Bathroom modern bathroom
Zen Bath contemporary bathroom
en-suite bathroom modern bathroom
No bathroom space is ever too small to be functional. It’s all in the design.
Becky Pickrel

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