Shoes Paired With Design

A few weeks ago I was looking at one of my favorite web sites,, which is Heaven for shoe lovers like me. I often tell my husband, “So many shoes, so few days in a year to wear them all.” He doesn’t get it. While on the shoe site I got to thinking about how fashion and design go hand-in-hand, like a fine wine paired with a rare cheese. This is not a new concept; textures, style, color, casual, formal, the list is quite endless. I thought it would be a creative idea to pull shoe and design photos together highlighting those mutual influences. While researching my post idea on another favorite web site,, I read a just released article, IF THIS SHOE WERE A ROOM, showcasing the new shoe designs of Christian Louboutin. While not wanting to duplicate something that has already been done, I still wanted to do my own post on the concept, so here it is.

This shoe is gorgeous (and crazy expensive). Yellow is paired with cool, contemporary chrome creating a stylish sophistication to both the shoe and dining set. The small chrome buckle on the shoe keeps embellishment to a minimum while the minimalist dining room decor allows the chairs and table to take center stage.

dining room modern dining room

Neon is huge this spring. Nike’s neon pink and burgundy running shoe with the white edge is mirrored in the pink living room with the burgundy hassocks tucked under the entry table. The bright white around the room breaks up the pink keeping the room from being too overpowering in its intensity.

Pink Power traditional family room

Rubber rain boots get an extra splash of whimsy from the floral foot area and stripe up the front and back of the boot shaft. This breaks up what could have been just a rather unimaginative blue boot. Similarly, the floral tile on the step risers and columns add an unexpected, fun bit of color to the singular, neutral tone of this house exterior.

Selby House - South Main, CO traditional entry

Gorgeous shoes in complimentary shades of coral, beige and black are defined by their modern silhouette. The painting above the couch captures a contemporary abstract feel while accentuating the black leather couch and striped pillows. Architectural and modern elements create an overall contemporary, stylish and colorful setting.

Carlyle Penthouse eclectic living room

I love these boots. A Cheetah print on the leather shaft of the boots looks time-worn and comfy yet retains a beautiful elegance. Though the boots have a strength and masculinity to them, they are also softly feminine. In fact, I may have to wander back over to the Zappos site and check out the price. The Cheetah print furniture is right at home in the Spanish influenced home which blends beautifully with the dark hardwood floors. The dark wood tones are reflected in the beams of the ceiling similar to the toe and top trim on the boots.

5700 Spanish oaks mediterranean kitchen
Though not the forefront color, bright neon accents are just enough in this athletic shoe to brightly stand out against the purple toe and black body of the shoe. This room would have been overwhelmed by too much neon, but by adding small, thoughtful pops of color in the pillows and blanket, its enough to add visual interest against the purple sofa and rug.
When defining a classic 30s – 40s style of shoe, wingtips are at the top of the list. This shoe evokes images of jazz musicians playing Cheek To Cheek while Fred Astaire dances gracefully with Ginger Rogers. Black and white are very traditional and can seem almost sterile if not accented with some warm elements, thus the flowers on the table and softly patterned wool rug. This entry hall with its glossy black table, fresh white walls and ceiling and marble floors conjure images of happy swing-dancing couples dressed to the nines.
There were many options when looking at shoes to pair with the beautiful dining / family space in the photo below and while I was drawn to the mustard yellow, when I saw the above floral shoes, I knew I had landed on a great match. The space is playful with its color and texture, even adding a bit of a retro flair with the light fixture. The floral pump is a fun alternative to a basic, solid colored shoe. I personally love how the floral colors in the shoe stand out against the black background just like the green wall is a great opposite to the deep purple wall. And the mustard yellow is still a favorite accent color in the room.
Dining Room contemporary dining room
Becky Pickrel 🙂

8 Responses to “Shoes Paired With Design”

  1. Rita Herrick

    This post is so interesting and beautiful! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  2. WritePlaceRightTime

    I read many blogs but only comment on a few. It’s gotta be really good for me to give you a wow. So here it is… I loved what you did with the shoes and the rooms. I thought it was beautiful and brilliant…. and creative. Kudos to you… I want to be your friend.


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