WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

When this week’s photo challenge, DISTORTED, was announced, I knew immediately which photo I wanted to use even though it might be a bit uncomfortable for some (and maybe it should be for all of us).

Last November while in New York City on vacation, I snapped this picture. It was slightly out of focus when I downloaded it from my camera and I added a filter setting in Photoshop which actually brought it somewhat more into focus.

I’ve looked at this particular photo a lot and it’s caused me to think about how when we view a human soul without the filter of compassion, it can cause a distorted, judgmental view. What we see as dirty, God sees as clean. What we see as broken, God sees as whole. What we see as abandoned, God sees as adopted as His own. What we see as valueless, God sees as valuable through His love, grace and mercy.

I’ve attached a very small music file (under a minute). You can listen to it – or not, it’s all good. It’s the first verse to a hymn written in the 1700s and  when I was thinking about this post, I couldn’t get the hymn out of my head:

JUST AS I AM   *sung by Brian Doerksen

Just as I am, without one plea,
but that thy blood was shed for me,
and that thou bidst me come to thee,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Becky Pickrel

9 Responses to “Distorted”

  1. MindMindful

    Reblogged this on MindMindful and commented:
    This speaks so eloquently: We all apply filters to everything we experience, whether we realize we are doing it or not. Compassion, filtering through compassion, brings us to our highest, noblest self.

    • woven decor

      Thank you for the encouragement and the reblog. I agonized over this particular post because I really wanted it to express my heart.

  2. MindMindful

    Oh, I think you are so right! Of all the filters we apply (whether we realize it or not) compassion is the best one — for we see with the divine eye.

  3. Colline

    We often have a distorted view of homeless people, never thinking of how they reached there. The homeless also suggest a distorted view of our society don’t they?


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