Suitcases: He / She Differences

We leave tomorrow morning for southern California (sunny and between 64 – 77 degrees for the week). Yay. That one word is its own sentence in my book. The not-so-yay part is packing, which I should be doing. Instead I’m writing a post (because I am a packing procrastinator until the last possible second).

San Clemente, CA

It’s not just that I have to pack my stuff, it’s that for 28 years I’ve also packed for my husband and we’ve been extremely fortunate to have traveled all over the world which has equated to a lot of packing. He never really asked me to pack his suitcase, it just “happened” because I figured I could do it better.





This is how our upcoming trip will look starting with the morning after arrival (I’m blushing as I type this, but stick with it and you’ll understand where I’m going with the whole He / She difference): I open my suitcase Sunday morning and pull out panties, bra, shirt, jeans, slip-on shoes, earrings. Monday; panties, socks, shirt, maybe the same jeans, earrings, necklace and boots. Tuesday; panties, bra, skirt or jeans (both are packed), sweater and cute sandals. I’m sure I’ve packed earrings to go with the sweater. Wednesday; panties, maybe a re-wear with one of the tops, maybe not, so extra t-shirt packed, capris and flip-flops (nail polish brought to touch up the pedicure), oh and earrings. Thursday; I may need to go to the mall because I don’t like what I’ve packed. I’ve also brought along my sweats (for lounging), jammies, jacket and of course toiletries, cosmetics, blow dryer, curling iron, hair bands, bobby pins, backpack, handbag. I may have forgotten something so a quick trek to Target upon arrival. And so the week goes. Yep – I am a consummate over-packer. This doesn’t even include computer case, camera bag and iPad.

Ok, now zoom to Clint’s suitcase which is also packed full and well (by me). I usually just grab his clothes out of his bag for him as he’s getting ready and throw them on the bed. Sunday; “The jeans I traveled in are fine and it’s only a small spot on my shirt.” Monday; “Just some clean underwear and socks, my jeans are just feeling broke in and comfy, but maybe a fresh shirt.” Tuesday; “Really, these jeans are fine.” Wednesday; “Can you just hand me some fresh socks and underwear and maybe a clean pair of jeans?  I think my shirt is still ok, but you can smell it and let me know.” Thursday; “Clean shirt today, please. I’m good on everything else.” Since he sleeps in his shorts, no jammies are required, but because it is cool in the evenings, sweats and jacket are packed: Oh and his toiletries, iPad. And so the week goes.

While typing this I tell my hubby what this post is about. To pretty much quote him: “If I have my iPad, at least one change of underwear, my toothbrush and some extra Q-tips, I’m good for the week.” 🙂

You would think after all these years I would only pack him a carry-on’s worth of stuff but it doesn’t quite connect with my brain that we don’t approach our travel attire the same.

Becky Pickrel

5 Responses to “Suitcases: He / She Differences”

  1. Madhu

    I am a packing procrastinator too, but I am improving….I think 🙂 Neat post and nice pics of the two of you!


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