Valentine’s Day 2012

The wonders of photoshop. It’s me all pink <3

Red – Intense – Love -Valentine’s Day. Red is such a passionate color  in all it’s various hues from the deepest darkest black cherry to the softest sandy pink, and it pretty much pervades my home: Chesterfield furniture set, dining room  area rug, cushions and pillows, leather rocking chair, kitchen appliances, desk, throw blankets, accents and knick-knacks, even my bedroom door is red. The list is quite extensive. There are also some soft pinks, aggressive fuchsias and oranges, all finding their root in red.  I even have a pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon tattooed on my leg.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few great photos of things my friends and I love that are red, white and pink.

Cookies from Tracy.

Deanna's collage of red favorites.

My cinnamon red Kitchenaid.

Valentine nails by Missy.

My grandma's pink vase that my mom treasures.

My office desk and light.

Beautiful Naomi. Thank you Danette for sharing her.

Val's awesome washer / dryer.

My pink and red flower wall decal.

My porcelain origami birds.

To the one who has my heart: I love you.

The heart is the warmest Valentine’s Day symbol because it represents love in its purest form. Giving someone your heart means giving him/ her the thing that is most precious and vital to you. In a nutshell, a heart symbolizes life !

Valentine’s Day trivia: The original Valentines originated in the 1500s, but rather than fill this post with history, trivia, facts and a little fiction, here’s a great link where someone’s already done the work;

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Becky Pickrel

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