Repurpose It

I am all about repurposing which simply means to take an item meant for one purpose and using it in another way.

I wanted a table to go behind the couch that was tall enough to set the surround-sound speakers on as well as a pair of reading lamps. I’m pretty sure I google-searched every on-line furniture store plus I looked at the local furniture / second-hand stores but just wasn’t able to find what I had envisioned. I turned to salvage sites and a link led me to these beautiful old porch balusters. The paint is the perfect dark olive green and is beautifully time worn. By repurposing the balusters as a table base and adding a slab of mahogany (which we already had out in the shop) cut to size and very simply finished, I ended up with the perfect sofa table.

I didn’t need end tables big enough to hold lamps, I just wanted a place to set my cup of coffee and the television remote. Fortunately for me there were two sizes of balusters from the same old porch. Also because they are solid wood, they are extremely sturdy which is good since they are taller than a standard end table. By adding a small tempered glass top with felt bumpers, I have the perfect little end tables.

This suitcase table is not a new idea, just a good idea and perfect for my guest bedroom. I found an old leather suitcase in one of the outbuildings. The inside was filthy, mousey, gross. So I dumped lysol in it, gave it a good scrubbig and hosed it out (I know…cringe). The little white wicker glass-top table was in the same building. I removed the glass, spray painted the base black, set the suitcase on the base, put the glass back on top of the suitcase and now have a very functional side table.

This old sign was stuck on a shelf in the barn. After a good scrubbing and adding some handles I already had (bought too many, didn’t return the excess, my bad) and felt bumpers, it makes a great tray.

I am absolutely enraptured by these chairs. I keep looking and them and doing the “oohh…and…ahhh” thing because I think they are so incredible.  (

This property has several outbuildings full of unique items just waiting for a touch from a creative hand. I also hope to find a buyer for some of the old materials we were unable to use simply because they are beautiful and someone else should have the opportunity to enjoy them. In the meantime, any suggestions on what I should do with all of these windows???

Here are just a few more great repurposed items.

Charcoal BBQ herb garden

Source: via M. on Pinterest

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

Be creative. It’s the fun part of repurposing. 🙂

Becky Pickrel

4 Responses to “Repurpose It”

  1. Judy

    Wow…I love what you’ve done. Repurposing items is so cool. I really like to see what people do. I have a couple ideas up my sleeve here too. But nothing on a grand scale. It’s amazing what you have in the outbuildings! What a treasure trove!

  2. Lorri Lang

    I know who would love to take some of those windows off of your hands. And, I may buy a couple myself!! Just message me!

  3. Danette

    I need a couple of those windows for my children’s playhouse! Too bad they are so far away!


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