The Random Object

Ostrich egg Humpty Dumpty sitting next to his wall.

Some of our closest friends have a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase and it’s filled with the most amazing, random treasures. When we go over for dinner and cards, I’m always scoping it out to see if anything has been changed or added because I know there’ll be a story and memory behind it.

I’m one of those people who love those random, “just because” objects and maybe it’s because they remind me to slow down in the busy-ness of life and just enjoy a moment. I know I’m not alone and I’m pretty sure we all have that bit of randomness within (sorry, I know I am way over-using the word random, but I just really like the word). For instance, my oldest brother Rick has an odd collection of the random; like a blue ribbon our miniature teacup poodle won at a dog contest back in 1970.

I find the random or eclectic objects around my home are as integral a part of my decorating as the major functional pieces. They tell stories about me and my family and are beautiful reminders of special memories. Several have been collected on trips. Most serve no purpose and are totally impractical, they are just fun and I like them.

My philosophy is if you like an item enough to want to hang onto it, then it’s serving no purpose stored in a box or tucked away in a drawer instead of sharing a spot on the shelf or mantle. It isn’t creating any conversations or bringing back memories if its packed up in the attic “for one of the kids someday.” My parents had a beautiful painting of the old barn on our farm (where I spent my childhood in SW Michigan). Several years ago my parents were drastically downsizing and I remember asking my dad, “Do I have to wait until you die before I can have that painting?” It was said jokingly but at the same time, because of their need to eliminate some of their belongings, they knew how much I would appreciate and enjoy the painting – which I’m happy to say I do.

Everyone defines style differently which is perfect because we are truly all unique. What I think is the greatest object in the world, Clint will probably roll his eyes at and has in fact, done just that on several occasions. There’s a great little antiques store in San Clemente, CA near where my brother lives and I love to go in and wander around. A few years ago I found a great pair of iron dog bookends that were too expensive and a little rusty. I got the owner to come down on the price just a bit and they flew home with me. I have to admit that even though I got the eye roll from Clint, I have thoroughly enjoyed using them in my office. Clint and I have learned the art of compromise in marriage: I roll my eyes at a few of his “treasures.”

I grabbed my iPhone and snapped some pictures of just a few of the random objects I have. Most serve no purpose. They just make me smile.

Pull out that random object from storage that you really did love at one time, dust it off, make room for it somewhere and enjoy it. Or give it to someone who will.

Random is good 🙂

Becky Pickrel

P.S. What is your favorite random object? Just curious…

I appreciate your feedback.

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