Light The Way Pt. 1: Home Lighting

Through my foray into the blogging world I’m learning a few things: If a blog is too long, people won’t read it. If there’s nothing to hook them for the next time, they won’t come back. If a blog is boring, readers most definitely will stay away. I’m still not totally clear on how often I should actually be posting a blog. Understanding this, I’m still in a quandary though – where do I start? There is so much I learned through redoing a very large house which by no means makes me an expert, although it did reinforce my love and passion for decorating.

The ranch was such a huge project so to say we started in any one particular area would be misleading as it seemed we simply started it all. From the moment we saw the place with all its potential and said, “We do” to the purchase, my brain went into overdrive. I think I drove Clint crazy because I wanted to skip the ugly phase of demo and construction and head right into the pretty phase of choosing paint colors, tiles, carpets, door knobs and light fixtures. I couldn’t wait to find the perfect furniture, bedding, pictures, etc. I got the proverbial cart before the horse.

One of the things I did learn though is that some areas can’t be started soon enough (lighting being one of those areas), because it’s not an instant process to want and to get. I became even more of an internet shopper than I already was in my quest for lighting. I love to keep my dollars local because its important for the community, but there are some things that because of supply and demand, local stores simply cannot stock. AKA, back to the light fixtures. I didn’t have time to make multiple trips to larger cities and if it had been up to my husband, he would have found the one light fixture that would have “worked” and it would have gone into every room. I know this because he told me so on multiple occasions. So,, and even became my best friends. I looked at so many fixtures I started dreaming about them. I’m pretty sure I looked at two million different lights (ok I tend to exaggerate, but some days it felt like it), and about the time I’d find the perfect fixture for an area, I’d get BACKORDER – OUT OF STOCK – WE NO LONGER CARRY THAT ITEM. But when I would find that perfect light for a space, I’d be as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. I never did understand why Clint didn’t get my enthusiasm (sarcasm here).

Just to keep you curious about something as exciting as lights (a bit more sarcasm), this is one of my favorites and took me forever plus a billion web searches to find it. It hangs over the pool table in Clint’s cave (yep, we have a man cave). You’ll just have to keep reading my blog to find out why this particular style is what I chose and how it looks hanging up. But you gotta admit – IT ROCKS!

Til next time 🙂

Becky Pickrel

3 Responses to “Light The Way Pt. 1: Home Lighting”

  1. Kathleen Reynolds

    Love love love this!!!!
    Becky, this is just awesome. I am going to be glued to this blog, I just know it is going to be fantastic.
    Can’t wait to see more and more of the “ranch” project.

  2. DeAnna

    Too funny. We’d make a good pair. I love demolition phase … just don’t know how to put it all back together afterwards.

  3. Nanny Darlington

    Oh, the packages that come to the main house. UPS loves Becky,I so wanted to open the packeges, but had to wait,It was a real surprize. The dogs and I had fun with things. The hole thing come to gether very nicely.


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