I Have An Obsession

I have decided to become a blogger. I know there are a bazillion blogs out there (bazillion is a number, just start counting them) but there is so much to learn about and share with others.

When it comes to decorating I’m very passionate and even somewhat obsessed with it. I tend to look at every surface with an eye for how it could be decorated. Even when I was a little girl I loved to rearrange furniture and move stuff around. After helping my grandma Berni (my dad’s mom whom I got my love of shopping) hang pictures once as a little girl, she told me I should become an interior decorator when I grew up. Well I’m all grown up and I have no framed certification hanging on the wall proclaiming I’m a licensed or certified decorator but what I do have is loads of experience working on all sorts of projects both commercially and personally.

I needed a name for my blog and came up with Woven Decor. For me, decorating is all about weaving together the elements of  color, style, randomness and functionality to create a space that is very personal. To take something old and place it with the new, to repurpose a piece of junk into something wonderful is what makes decorating fun. I especially love things that serve only one purpose – to create happiness. A few years ago I was on the computer wandering around EBAY looking at paintings and came across an original painting from Scotland. When I told my husband that it would make a great Mother’s Day present, I got that LOOK. There’s nothing practical about the picture, it just made me smile and I thought it would look great on my big, office wall since its a substantial 36″x36″.

Because by definition a blogger is one who writes about their own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. I look forward to sharing a bit of my life on Woven Decor through lots of pictures, trends, decorating ideas, tips and techniques, step-by-step projects and whatever else I think is interesting and should be plopped into this blog. And woven throughout you will see me – my personality and what makes me tick. I’m a small town gal who’s been married to an incredible man for 28 years. I was just 18 when I married a cattle rancher / business man / minister. I’m a mom of three wonderful grown sons, a mother-in-law, a sister to three awesome brothers. I was raised a pastor’s kid and love my parents immensely. I’m a loyal friend, love to sing and I am learning to play the piano. I draw, paint, design, shop, read, have two granddogs and love to chat over a great cup of coffee. Beautiful pictures totally capture me emotionally and I can stare at the clouds forever. I raise rescue mastiffs, can be totally unreasonable and emotional, put smiley faces on my texts and emails, watch chick flicks, shoot guns, love Jesus with my whole heart, am highly opinionated and a sucker for shoes; lots and lots of shoes. The list goes on……

Welcome to Woven Decor 🙂

Becky Pickrel

8 Responses to “I Have An Obsession”

  1. Marguerite Martin Remington

    You could come and visit me and organize my scrap room/office/catch all room. Tell me how to decorate it so I would be more creative. And daughter, I really like how you have started your blog.

  2. Randy R.

    Is a blogger a cousin to a booger? Great start with your new endeavor but for the record, if you were not my sister, I’d never read any form of fashion, decorating blog. Just sayin.

  3. DeAnna Kay

    Luv’n this! Awesome start. So looking fwd to future blogs. Hoping it will inspire me in decorating our new house …. of which we r lost on where to start and scared of final result.

    • woven decor

      Aww thanks. I’m excited to get rockin’ on this. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but I’m always nervous that I’ll lack follow-thru. So here goes 🙂


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